Whether it be lessons, equipment or no wind activities, on and off the water, Kite Tribe is committed to quality. That’s why we choose only the best partners to work with, ensuring our customers have the best possible holiday in El Gouna.

Kite Tribe is proud to be working with Cabrinha Egypt to provide the best kitesurfing equipment for learning and progressing. One of the leading manufacturers of equipment in the kitesurfing industry, Cabrinha offers a range of kites. From beginners to pro-riders, you can be sure that there is something for everyone.


Established in 1970, NeilPryde has been in the game for a long time and provides some of the best wetsuits on the market. They have the best minds and experts in the industry who spend countless hours developing and bringing their equipment to life. Enhanced technologies such as the new Yamamoto Limestone Neorpene and Bioceramic Lining, pushes the boundaries of water apparel and guarantees quality and comfort.


Starting to earn a reputation of developing the highest quality harnesses on the market, Ride Engine started from humble beginning in Santa Cruz. Working with Elite rider, they are always one step ahead of the rest. With it's revolutionary hard shell, Ride Engine produces by far the most supportive, comfortable and form-fitting harnesses out there.


Kite Tribe has used and new Cabrinha 2018 gear for sale! A selection of sizes and colours are available in the FX and Switchblade models. Try before you buy! Get in touch with us and we can arrange a 2 hour testing period for each model and size. We can also arrange for your kites to be shipped to you in Europe.

NEW GEAR 2018:

FX 9m Blue with 44cm 1X Trimlite bar / Quickloop

Switchblade 10m Orange with 52cm 1X Trimlite bar / Quickloop

Switchblade 12m Orange with 52cm 1X Trimlite bar / Quickloop

USED GEAR 2018: (all including bar)

6m switchblade blue 700 euro

7m FX Blue 740 euro

8m SB Orange 805 euro

8m FX Blue 805 euro

9m XO Blue and yellow 830 euro

10m FX Orange 870 euro

15m Contra 1000 euro


Next season's gear is almost here! Check out the upcoming 2019 range, including the ALL NEW model, the Cabrinha Moto! To make an order or test equipment, go to our contact form.

Cabrinha Kites 2019


Whether you’re a tour operator or just the organiser of your big group holidays, we want to work with you!!

Our specialty is creating personalised kitesurfing holidays for fun, action-seeking groups. What sets us apart from the rest is our kitesurfing AND no wind activity packages - so you can be sure that your days are filled with adventure - wind or no wind.

Even though we’re based in a small, laid back beach town, we take our jobs seriously and work very hard to guarantee quality. Kite Tribe’s commitment to all of our guests’ satisfaction and enjoyment is always our top priority. Tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest!

Contact us today for a personalised kitesurfing package: info@kitetribe.org

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