KITE TRIBE WORKS OUT OF AN ALREADY ESTABLISHED KITE STATION - Element Watersports. The station itself is extremely well equipped, with a launching and landing area, rescue boat, beach boys to assist on land, compressors to pump the kites, showers, toilets and a washing area for equipment, as well as a fully functional restaurant and bar. There is storage for those who have their own equipment. The beach is spacious and there are plenty of relaxing areas to chill in the sun!

GETTING TO THE SPOT - Element Watersports has their own fleet of cars and minibuses that can pick guests up and bring them to and from the spot. It costs 15egp (less than 1 euro) one way per person. Alternatively, you can catch a toktok from anywhere in town for around the same price. The toktok takes maximum 3 people. Just tell the driver “Element” and they’ll know where to take you!

KITE TRIBE HAS A DESIGNATED STORAGE AREA, where we keep all of our kitesurfing equipment. Currently, we have 10 Cabrinha 2018 kites, sizes ranging between 6 to 15 square meters. We also have boards from 130cm up to 160cm. We provide harnesses, neoprene shoes/boots of different sizes as well as a few wetsuits. It is NOT guaranteed that we will have enough wetsuits and boots or appropriate sizes for everybody.






EL GOUNA HAS LARGE, FLAT WATER LAGOONS perfect for all levels! The wind is side-onshore, direction North-North West and is typically an average of 15-25 knots. The water in the lagoon is really warm in the summer, but can get cold in the winter.

TEMPERATURES in Egypt can reach high 30s in the summer, and pleasant low 20s in the winter. It is recommended to wear long wetsuits in the winter (December through to April), short wetsuits in Spring and Autumn (May and June/September and October) and a bikini or board shorts and lycra in the summertime (July and August).

THE TIDES can drop quite low in the summer and are typically higher in the winter. The lagoon is shallow enough to stand in all areas, but you can also kite in the deep water. The wind is more consistent in the warmer months and tends to be less stable from December through to February. During winter, we tend to get a mix of light and strong wind days.

WE TEACH OUR GUESTS IN CONDITIONS BETWEEN 12 - 26 KNOTS (22 - 48kph). This is to ensure we have fun and safe kitesurfing lessons. Our instructors are highly qualified and always make decisions based on the safety of their students.


We are not in control of the wind! We can tell our guests when the wind is more stable and predictable, but can never guarantee the perfect conditions.

Typically, the best time to come to El Gouna for kitesurfing is from March/April through to November. The winter months are really unpredictable it can get cold in the water.

If you do come in the winter, bring a long wetsuit! It is also highly advisable to bring warm clothes, a beanie, jacket, etc.

For the warmer months, you can wear a lycra/tshirt, board shorts while kitesurfing.

Bring a towel!

The weather is mostly sunny in Egypt. Be sun safe and bring a hat, sunglasses and sunblock! If you want to kitesurf with your sunglasses on, we have a workshop at the spot where they make sunglass straps for a very reasonable price.

It is recommended to wear neoprene boots or shoes when learning kitesurfing lessons. We have a few pairs but cannot guarantee a pair for everyone. Element Watersports sells neoprene shoes in their shop on site. Alternatively, you can bring your own pair to El Gouna.

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