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The Ultimate Kitesurfing Safari on the Red Sea with Kite Tribe


The kitesurfing season in Egypt is on its way, with amazing wind and weather conditions from April all the way through to December! With the start of the season here on Egypt’s coastline comes the beginning of the kite safari season. With a plethora of mind blowing kitesurfing spots, a kitesurfing cruise around Egypt’s Red Sea islands is an adventure you DO NOT want to miss!

Whether you have been kitesurfing for years or have just started riding upwind, this trip with the Kite Tribe is one of a kind, and you will find out why!


You will be completely spoiled with Egypt’s Red Sea kiting spots, some of the World’s best locations for kitesurfing. Crystal blue lagoons, sandy beaches mirror flat waters, beautiful temperatures and of course epic wind conditions are the perfect ingredients provided by mother nature to deliver an unforgettable kiting holiday.

Our team of professional instructors joins you on this adventure, ensuring you get the most out of your time on the water. All kiters onboard this kitesurfing cruise have the opportunity to elevate to the next level in their kiting skills!

When onboard for the week, you need a reliable team that has everything carefully planned, from A to Z. With Kite Tribe Safaris, you don’t need to worry about a thing! Our professional and highly organised team ensures that the entire kitesurfing safari runs smoothly. From beach assistance, boat service and coaching, to meals and entertainment, we’ve got you covered…all you need to do is show up!

Kite Tribe has a reputation for high quality service, where you can feel safe and relaxed and part of the family (Tribe). The numbers and testimonials speak for themselves. Our team are kind, supportive and always happy to help. After all, kitesurfing is an extreme sport and your safety and progression are priority. Not only is it crucial to have experienced kite instructors, but also passionate instructors, and Kite Tribe has always delivered on both.

Discover Why an All-Inclusive Kite Safari with Kite Tribe is Perfect for Independent Riders

This all inclusive kitesurfing safari is perfect for riders with a bit of prior kiting experience. You will get to experience different kiting locations and conditions along the Red Sea. WIth some experience and the ability to ride upwind, you can fully enjoy the stunning surroundings as well as focusing on improving your kite skills. Kitesurf from sunrise till sunset, join us on a downwinder and watch your progress on Gopro video feedback! We will give you handy kitesurfing tips and advice throughout this unique experience of learning and progression.

What Equipment Do You Need to Fully Enjoy Your Trip & Maximize Your Time?

If you plan to bring your own gear, we recommend a minimum of 2 kite sizes to cover the wind range, which is usually pumping between 15-25 knots. Pick your sizes and bars accordingly, and if you aren’t sure, just message our team for advice! Your favourite kiteboard is also essential, as well as a harness, wetsuit and water shoes. Bringing a pump is not necessary, but an adaptor to fit your specific inflate system could prove useful. We will bring our Gopro along on the trip, and encourage you to bring your own if you have one as well. The more footage, the better. If you have other water toys, such as a directional or foilboard or wing, bring it along to maximise the experience! Now you know all the necessary equipment for our kitesurf safari.

If you don’t have gear, no worries! Kite Tribe has got you covered. You can rent everything you need from us, and we’ll make sure you have the perfect gear to fit your week of kitesurfing on the Red Sea.

What are you waiting for? Ride with the Tribe on our kitesurfing adventure in Paradise!

Next Safari Date: September 2nd - 9th, 2023


Book your spot on our next Kitesurf Safari by simply sending us a message! Our team will get back to you with everything you need.

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